Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bath time tick

You never quite know when something new will turn up....

Today began with a check of the actinic moth trap. It had been warm last night and hadn't gone below 7 or 8 degrees.

The only reward however was a lone Silver Y cowering under the penultimate egg box that I checked.

It was then Sunday ablution time, a shave of the head and a trim of the beard. That all done I stepped into the shower to be confronted by a small hemipteran slowly crawling up the cubicle wall. Exit bathroom in search of a pot before resuming the morning ritual.

A short time later with some help from the True Bugs Facebook group and I've turned up another new bug for the list - Brachycarenus tigrinus.

This species was first recorded from London in 2003 and seems to be slowly spreading north and west, although God knows what it was doing in my shower. I'm also not entirely sure where this species originates from either.....

Update: Apparently this is the first record for Cambridgeshire!

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