Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spring arrivals

It's been a slow start to natural history in 2016. Am still working my way through the remaining specimens from last year and planning some excursions. We're off to Cornwall next week and while I'm not expecting much, there's always the chance of some guerilla rock pooling, plus I'll be taking the moth trap on the off chance that there's a mild night or two.

Mothing so far this year has drawn a blank in the garden, but the security lights at work have served up Pale Brindled Beauty a couple of times. We finally got round to putting out the work MV trap on Thursday night and it turned up a reasonable selection for the first week in February.

A reasonable selection of spring moths

Pale Brindled Beauty               7
Spring Usher                               2
Common Quaker                      2
March Moth                               3
Chestnut                                      5
Agonopterix sp. (tbc)              1
Light Brown Apple Moth       1
Tortricodes alternella              1

Pale Brindled Beauty males. Form monacharia and a more standard version

Spring Usher

March Moth