Cribs and gems

The Beetles of Britain and Ireland Facebook page is frequented by some really knowledgeable (and more importantly generous) coleopterists. They provide tips and tricks to help novices like me. These may be aide-memoires for in the field or quick ways to circumvent difficult bits of keys. However, the way the Facebook page is structured and the limited ways for searches means that much of this 'gold' quickly drops down the timeline and is lost. On these pages I'm going to try and record some of this information (and obviously credit it).

Gyrinidae (Whirligig beetles)

Carabidae (Ground beetles)
Helophoridae (Water scavenger beetles)

Staphylinidae (Rove beetles, staphs)
Elateridae (Click Beetles)
Cryptophagidae (Silken fungus beetles)

Chrysomelidae (Seed and leaf beetles)
Apionidae (Seed weevils)
Curculionidae (Weevils)

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  1. Thanks for these I've added the page to my links list. I ought to check my Bembidion mannerheimi against that note. I can't recall why I was certain that the ones I've seen are not B.guttala, pretty sure I've still got a specimen somewhere in my fridge.