Monday, September 28, 2015

I am a cider beetle.....

This weekend's Indian summer weather had me out in the garden collecting apples and then processing and pressing them for juice and cider. It's something we do each autumn and I've managed to produce some extremely drinkable cider that will be drunk around christmas time. Although I might need some help with this year's 50+ pints.

I was disposing of a whole load of pressed apples at the composting bin when an unfamiliar beetle flew in and landed nearby, apparently attracted by the strong scent of apple.

It's the sap beetle Glischrochilus hortensis, one of three species of Glischrochilus beetles found in the UK. These are small beetles (around 5mm in length) which feed on sap and ripe fruit.

I potted and papped it and then let it go on its way. An unexpected and welcome addition to my beetle list.

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