Sunday, April 19, 2015

A slow start

It's been a long, slow start to 2015. Moth numbers have been low, with 17 being the highest number of individuals in a catch. The majority have been Orthosia with a fair number of Early Grey thrown in for good measure.

The last week saw a couple of nights with higher temperatures and cloud cover, and although the trap was pretty sparse I did manage to pot a few moths from around the trap in the early evening.

Best of these were Streamer (with only one previous record) and Chinese Character, which is a new record for the garden (only the 2nd year at this location so still getting lots of additions).

Also had a Nicrophorus humator beetle one night, but it met an unfortunate end as it had jammed itself in a back door crevice and was only discovered on opening, as it fell out in pieces.....

Chinese Character

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